Terms and Conditions

SSAK Solution Services Pvt. Ltd  is an IT and Software Solution which collaborates and work with clients in the most favorable manner and aim to deliver assignments timely and in the most professional way.
If anyone work with us / join hands with us for their business support, growth or brand betterment and more… has to abide by our terms & conditions policy, privacy policy, cookie policy and more.

The Contract

  1. An independent Term of Service contract is signed / created between client and SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) and there is no concept of joint venture or partnership is intended or practiced by either party.
  2. Date of start of services will be discussed and finalized by both parties (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. &  Client) and services will be charged accordingly.
  3. Monthly Report of performance of services will be maintained and shared with client.
  4. Either party cannot terminate the service contract or transfer the service contract to any other vendor without any prior notice of least 10 business days. Else it will be an actionable act.
  5. SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) reserves the right to assign any or specific tasks to any third party as per required without any prior discussion with the client.
  6. Any person / Company who is not the part of the contract will not have any right in contract and cannot interfere in contract policies.


  1. If client avails any monthly / yearly subscription or package for any service from SSAK ( Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) then they need to abide by company’s full payment policy which says that client has to pay complete chargeable amount before commencing the work.
  2. If SSAK(Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) & Client both agree on some fixed price in exchange of any service then client is liable to pay at least 50% of the billable amount before the work is commenced. Remaining 50% of the amount needs to be cleared within 07 days of the start date of the services.
  3. SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) shall invoice the clients monthly, in advance. Also, if the clients do not pay a monthly invoice when it is due, SSAK has the right / can terminate the services immediately. In this case, SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) will not be liable to issue a 10 day prior notice.


  1. SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) is not liable for any direct or indirect loss of client aroused due to delay in services promised.(As delay is unavoidable/ natural / due to ungovernable causes)
  2. Anyone (Client) will hold SSAK harmless from all or any kind of claim, loss, expenses or any kind of liabilities with respect to the services offered by SSAK to its clients under the terms & condition policy. 
  3. Since we are a part of Digital Media Marketing so in case any information / data/ content is provided by the client to SSAK (Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) will be accessible by public as soon as it is published on public platform. SSAK will not be responsible for quality or screening or content or in case of any loss / profit / publicity / goodwill or publicity of business asset happens due to content being publicized.


  1. If at any point of time we fail to meet the promises made or strictly follow the obligations mentioned under the service contract given by the company or fail to follow any term mentioned in terms & condition policy then this does not make you free from following our terms & condition policy terms or you can ask for a waiver on this ground.
  2. Anyone can ask for a waiver from the company only in a situation (officially) when it is committed to them in writing.

                                                                                                 Employees Terms and Conditions

  1. PROBATION PERIOD: - Each and every employee being hired in SSAK will be on probation period of three months from the date of your joining. The Management may, at its sole discretion, extend their Probationary period for such term as considered appropriate. They will continue to be on probation until a communication of confirmation is issued you in writing. During the period of probation, the appointment can be terminable either by company by giving any advance notice of 30 days or without giving any advance notice or by the employee by giving thirty days (30 days), notice or payment in lieu thereof.
  2. NOTICE PERIOD: - Each and every employee being hired in SSAK will be required to give 60 days’ notice or salary thereof in case they decide to leave our services subject to the Company's discretion; in the event of they are having any incomplete assignment, the Company will have the discretion to relieve them only at the end of the 60 days’ notice period. Similarly, the Company can terminate employee’s services by giving 30 days’ notice or basic salary thereof. The company can terminate them from their position or demote them in case of underperformance, misbehave with employees etc as per the company norms by issuing a warning letter.  In case of Leaving the company without any prior information and without serving the notice period company will not be liable to pay you anything and company can also charge the expense beard by the company on Employees for the training/ development or any other. At the time of reliving, Employees are expected to handover all their responsibilities to the immediate senior authority. Employees who are serving notice period they are not entitled to avail any leave during the notice period.
  3. LEAVE: - Each and every employee will be entitled to as per company rules from time-to-time privilege and casual leaves as may be applicable to your category of employees.
  4. ULWP :- If incase any employee is marked under ULWP instead of being absent company has right to deduct three days Salary of the respected Employee.
  5. ON SEPARATION:- On acceptance of resignation or termination of appointment, Employees will be obliged to:
    1. Handover charge of your responsibilities in the manner required to such person as nominated by the Company.
    1. Return to the company all correspondence, specifications, formulae, books, documents, cost data, market data, literature, drawings, software/hardware, effects, codes, project documents etc. before they are relieved, and shall not make or retain any copies of these items.
    1. Vacant the residential accommodation provided by the company in the campus or outside, and to handover the vehicle, furniture sim or any working devices provided by company and all other properties/ assets of the company before you are relieved.
    1. Employees will not join to work with any of the company client existing or not existing with whom they have worked on a project on which they have worked for any duration when they were part of SSAK; for minimum 5 year from the release of the company, doing this will be considered as a violation of the company norm and strict actions can be taken against this by the company.
    1. Any tools or asset given by the company, or the client shall be submitted safely without tampering and no dues should be submitted before release and full and final settlement.
    1. You will not influence or provoke any of the company member to leave their position in found doing so strict actions will be taken against you. Your appointment is governed by the company’s policies and rules as applicable from time to time.
    2.  If any employee is absent from the organization (SSAK Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.) for three consecutive days without any prior information their employment will be terminated by default with the organization without any prior information or warning and case any Employee is on medical leave but not able to show required medical documents of the same company has full right to cancel the employment of the respected employee without any prior information or warning.

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