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Privacy Policy SSAK

POLICY ACCEPTANCE if anyone is using our application or availing any of our services through our website then it clearly states that he/she has accepted our policy conditions happily.



Why we collect your details whenever you visit our website or online social media platforms, then for the sake of security and hassle-free user experience we collect some of your data. We keep an eye on IP address of system using our online sources (i.e. Website etc.) and data collected help us in understanding our website performance and other statics.

How we collect your details Information is collected when you perform below actions

  1. Purchase any plan on our website & share your details with us (personal information)
  2. Use any of our online platforms (i.e. social media platforms like Gmail / Facebook account etc., website, mobile app etc.) in any manner.
  3. When you subscribe any plan, newsletter or accept o receive emails or messages from our company.
  4. When you fill details in contact us form for any purpose.
  5. Participate in any online campaign run through our social media platforms or app.
  6. Even if you are sharing details for job (filling form or uploading resumes).
  7. Information collected includes our email address, profile picture, social id, name, phone number, zip code, city, state, zone, cookies etc.
  8. Information is collected from your system as well which includes usually IP Address, Operating System, Browser page, cookies, device location and id, language, record of pages visited on our website by you, keep list of services you seem to be interested in, frequency of visit on a particular service page, date or time or duration of your page visit on our website / mobile app.

How helpful is the details collected from you & its use

Main idea behind data collection is improved and smooth user experience. Sometimes we share the information received with some third party for couple of listed reasons mentioned below.

  1. User identification and checking user authenticity.
  2. Understand user/ visitor area of interest and movement on our website.
  3. Improvise, Customize, Develop and expand services of your interest as per you.
  4. Communicate with you regarding your experience about our services and service partners, customer care support, promotional purposes etc.


  1. We keep record of cookies (Session cookies, Preference cookies, Security cookies, advertising and more such type of cookies). Cookies are actually very small files which can hold very small amount of data. They are stored on your device in exforma type and sent to your browser from particular type of web servers.
  2. We use cookies and other tracking techniques like beacons, scripts, tag scripts to keep track of your page visits, website service usage, page skip/ hopping and device record which is eventually helpful in providing improved customer experience and performing page customization.
  3. Cookie acceptance and refusal is completely our wish but in case of refusal you will miss out some of website features and will be denied use of some services.


  1. At any point of time if you request to delete your personal information, we are ready to do so as soon as your request is received. Once information is deleted you may not be able to enjoy all website features as some might require personal data usage.
  2. We do not sell your personal information to any company or third party. We are neither a representative or endorse any third party or service or any website. We only share your information with our service providers for identity verification, booking appointments, proper delivery of services and benefits entitled only for you.
  3. But if the information shared is received or collected by any third party then it does not come under our privacy policy and you are requested to check third policy as well.
  4. Information received from you at the time of plan purchase, signup, account creation, social media visit, campaign participation etc. is shared for emails, newsletter, adverts, advertisement & online campaigns with our marketing team but you can unsubscribe to them at any point of time.


  1. We can share information if we believe it is for good sake like for the betterment of our online platforms or website, for improved user experience, for safeguarding the company’s right & interests.
  2. But this sharing of data will be done as directed by the law of our country, as per court order. We can share data for investigation or litigation purposes also.
  3. We also share information of our visitors with some appointed organizations working for our interests like financial companies expert in online banking facility & payment and the second one is a non-financial organizations which help us in processing payment and third non –financial one are those engaged in marketing and promotional activities.
  4. By agreeing to the privacy policy you acknowledge the fact that data sharing is done and also agree on sharing of data for legal activity or company interest. In case you feel that data security is compromised then feel free to write us at our email id “” or contact us on phone.
  5. Once your account is created on our website (for any purchase etc. ) and password is shared with you then you need to take measures to keep your account / password safe. Do not share your OTP or password with anyone and keep changing the password from time to time.


  1. We completely appreciate and value the trust you have in us while sharing your personal information with us and we do not sell or share your personal information with anyone online or offline through any means.
  2. But you need to accept the bitter truth that no method of data transfer present online is completely or 100% secure. We will do our best to secure your data but cannot guarantee.
  3. We do not take responsibility of data lost through those channels.


  1. Our Company reserves the right to make any changes in the current privacy policy and other policies like cookie policy, terms of usage policy/ service policy. You will have to keep yourself updated by regularly checking our website or online applications.
  2. New policy will be active as soon as it is posted on any or all of the online platforms or website by our company.

                                                                                                                      Employee Privacy Policy

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION:-Any data or information you will not disclose or divulge or make public to any unauthorized person except on legal obligation, nor use for any purpose other than the company’s work during your employment with us or therefore any information concerning the company’s (or its associates) interests, operation, plan, know-how, etc. that you may come to know as an employee of the company, failing which the company can initiate necessary disciplinary action as deemed fit as per the rules of the company.
PROTECTION OF INTEREST: - If you conceive any new or advanced methods of improving processes/formulae/systems in relation to the operation of the company during the course of employment with us, such developments will be fully communicated to the company and will be and remains the sole right/property of the company.

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