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The full fleet management system for managing vehicles is the vehicle management system with GPS tracking. This system is capable of managing customers, drivers, vehicles, tracking revenue and expenses, and generating thorough reports.

The system has real-time GPS tracking and Geofencing features that aid in tracking location. Geofencing assists in keeping an eye on traffic entering and leaving a specific defined location. This system provides a special tracking url for each journey and is able to share the url with customers so they may continue to track.

An automated process ensures accurate data on each fleet asset, giving teams what they need to extend the asset lifecycle. Establishing maintenance triggers and predicting maintenance due dates increases the usable life of an asset that would be more costly to repair or replace otherwise.

Fleet management solutions use a small device that combines GPS technology, telematics, and T-Mobile LTE connectivity to provide managers with a near real time view of where their vehicles are, how they are being driven, and how they are performing.

GPS tracking devices send special satellite signals that are processed by a receiver. These GPS receivers track the exact location of the GPS device as well as compute their time and the velocity they are traveling.

The best way to manage your fleet is by installing a fleet management software that can give you a better grasp on vehicle operations. This way you have a record of all your vehicles, where they are at all times and even your team's behaviour whilst they're on the road.




Certain Key Features

Vehicles Management with Grouping Frontend Customer Booking History Drivers Management
Booking Management Customers Management Fuel Management
Income and Expense Management Live GPS Tracking of all Vehicles History Tracking
Vehicle Group Tracking Standalone URL for trip booking tracking Geofence Management
Reports Management Reminder Management User management with Dynamic Permission Options
Google Map API Frontend Vehicle booking Frontend Customer Signup

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