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Next-Generation ERP Software for Schools & Colleges in Lucknow
Today, everyone understands the importance of education and wants to give their kids the best education for their future. They want their children to study in the best educational institutions in the Lucknow.In such a situation, the responsibility of educational institutions increases significantly, and they need the best ERP software for their schools or colleges in Lucknow. Well-developed ERP software increases productivity for educational institutes and focuses on what matters – academics.

Our ERP software offers the best college management system in Lucknow. It accepts multi-user functionality mode to allow staff members to log in from different places and devices. With ERP software for schools, related persons can perform and manage their tasks at one time from anywhere in Lucknow(India).

User-Friendly & Easy to Use

It is effortless to use an ERP software for schools and colleges in Lucknow. The engineers have developed it in a sophisticated manner to help users perform it without having any difficulty.

Data Security and Backup

ERP college management system software is fully secured with modern technologies. And, it keeps data backup to help users restore deleted information with a single click.

Client Support

SSAK Software Solution support is available 24x7. Institutes that use our ERP software for schools in Lucknow get their issues resolved within hours with our best client support team.

Benefits of ERP Software for Schools and colleges in Lucknow

Application Management
People can manage applications for all their programs in one place with our ERP software for schools in Lucknow. Once an applicant applies to join aprogram, ERP software helps the institute create and save the student's record. It also allows college/school staff to create and send emails related to a program.
Multimedia Files

For educational institutes, it is crucially important to save all types of information and files associated with the students. They need to save PDF files, images, and other multimedia files. SSAK Solution IT Company in Lucknow develops the  ERP Software for schools and colleges that are efficient enough to store all multimedia files at the  Best Software Companyin Lucknow.

Appoint Instructor

Our ERP Software helps you better define a course schedule, including dates, class, and room numbers, and link it to the appropriate student andinstructor. Authorities can also create an assessment plan for a particular group of students and can appoint an instructor for the supervision.
Student Attendance

Our best school ERP software helps schools and colleges track and manage student attendance every day. This module is specially designed to help teachers easily mark student attendance in an easier way. ERP software for schools or colleges in India helps teachers take students' attendance in a reduced time.
Fees Record

ERP software maintains the record of fees collected from students. As the best institute management software in India, our system divides fee data into different categories based on the instructions. This system helps authorized people to know all about the fee collection in a class or category at any time.

Why ERP Software for Schools or Colleges?
SSAK Software Solution believes that fundamental breakthroughs in advancement are achieved when managerial and administrative activities in an institute are automated. Schools and colleges need to perform their activities digitally in order to do things better in a minimum amount of time.
ERP software help schools and colleges manage activities like online admission, examination management, fees management, etc.

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