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Run your payroll in minutes

Running payroll shouldn’t take days or hours, pay salaries to your team in few clicks.

Empower Your employees

Give your staff access to a self-service site where they can track daily spending, manage leaves, mark attendance, and produce payslips.

Pay your employees

Pay salaries in only a few clicks to your employees' bank accounts. After taking into account leaves and statutory deductions, salary is automatically determined. No paperwork, only digital

Automate taxes

Automate and simplify the submission of TDS, PF, ESI, PT, and other payroll-related forms

How SSAK Payroll helps businesses

Freedom from excel sheet manual work Time to focus on productivity Easily manage the employee life cycle

The need to switch between banks and government platforms to pay salaries or submit TDS is a thing of the past. Use the best payroll software to automate the entire procedure.

By eliminating time-consuming tasks, this clever payroll software allows you to concentrate on what really matters—growing your business.

Manage the entire employee life cycle, from onboarding to exit, in one location.

Why choose Open?

It's easy—with Open, you can find everything you need in a single location.
Unlike any of our rivals, we combine banking, accounting, expense management, payments, payroll, and taxes onto a one platform. Avoid wasting time bouncing between various options. Time to start opening!

All your bank accounts in one place

with a complete overview and a unified statement.


to easily keep track of payables and receivables, auto-categorize income and expenses.

Faster and easier payments

with 200+ payment options and time-saving auto-reconciliation.

Payment gateway

for easy management of  digital spends.

Hassle-free payouts

with instant beneficiary addition and bulk payouts that save up to 90% time and effort.

One Card

for entrepreneurs with separation of business and personal expenses and other great features.

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