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Our Microfinance software is efficient enough to organize & automate all your business operations on a single display.
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Enhance Your Operational Efficiency

Our microfinance software helps you improve operational efficiency and save your money and time. SSAK Software Solution microfinance allows your business to achieve new heights of success with lower efforts and investment.
Some of our Microfinance Software’s features are;
Use of scanned document to extract accurate data
Mobile apps for data entry
Automatic file and document generation
Digital receipts, eSign, and SI

Take Your Business Next Level with Flexible Workflows

Our best microfinance software helps you keep flexible business workflows to add new products or services and grow your business in a rapid mode. Some of the significant workflows are;
Task framework with auto-allocation
BMPL compliant workflow
Rules engine support

Lower the Risk of Money Loss with Cashless Payment

Using our best Microfinance Software enables you to reduce operational risks with cashless disbursements. SSAK Software Solution helps microfinance companies in India with these great features;
Prepaid cards for cashless payments
Cashless disbursement into multiple bank accounts
eNACH support
Standing instructions support for collection mandates
Use of UPI and payment link for bulk collection
Cash-in-hand analytics
Collection app

Give Your Business New Heights by Engaging BC Partners

SSAK Software Solution microfinance software allows you to take help from BC partners to expand your business on a big scale. Some of its BC capabilities include;
BC & BC commission management
File & API based load management, disbursement or repayment
Mobile app and web app extension to BC partners
Ability to define rules

Cross-sell to Raise Profitability

SSAK Software Solution cross-sell options can help microfinance institutions engage customers for broader financial needs to earn more money. Our microfinance software offers the following cross-sell options in India.
Micro-ATM services to allow customers to operate their bank accounts
DMT or domestic money transfer services
Health & 2 wheeler insurance as per companies’ term and conditions
RD & FD origination
Recharge and bill payment





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The full fleet management system for managing vehicles is the vehicle management system with GPS tracking. This system is capable of managing customers, drivers, vehicles

Our microfinance software is an online loan management system that enables lending companies to easily and affordably manage their clients, loans, repayments, and collections.

Certain Key Features

Most functions can be done in one or two clicks. The system has a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips. The system enables the capture of personal information, unique identifiers, next of kin details, business information and much more. You can upload scanned photos or documents to a client’s account. You can also add your own custom fields. This system has flexible loan and savings module which you can adjust or customize to suit your microfinance needs. Manageable fields include loan term, interest rate, repayment schedule, interest calculation method, charges and many other options. Loan approval process follows best microfinance standards
You can configure your chart of accounts with GL codes and link them to loan or savings products and many other applicable areas. Some journal entries are automatic like loan disbursements while some can be added manually. You can find various accounting reports like trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.

View and export high quality reports. Reports include borrower numbers, loan portfolio, arrears reports, savings reports, expected vs actual payments, collection sheets, provisioning and many more


Manage users with ease. Set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see. You can also set payroll for your staff. See audit trail to check what your staff has been doing.



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